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It’s time for PTA Elections

Serving as a member of the PTA Board is a generous gift of your time and talent to our community, and an amazing way to help shape a powerful learning environment for all our children. We hope you’ll consider running for a position, or nominating someone you know will be just perfect for the role.

Aldama PTA Board elections for the 2019-2020 school year will be held on Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 6 pm. To qualify for a board position, you must be a paid member for 30 days before elections (Join PTA here!) and self-nominate on the day of the elections, at our meeting at 6 pm. We absolutely encourage you to run, and all the current board members would be happy to answer your questions about any of these positions.

Board Roles and Responsibilities

Thinking about becoming a PTA Executive Board member? We’d love to have you! Here’s a bit more about the each of the roles and their respective responsibilities. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions - get in touch with our current board members through the links below!


    Our PTA President is responsible for coordinating the work of all our officers and committees to fulfill the mission of our organization. S/he presides at all of our meetings, both full-membership meetings (once a month, currently on the third Thursday of every month) and Executive Board meetings (once a month, currently on the second Tuesday of every month). The person in this role is our official representative at Council and District-level meetings, gets our flyers and communications approved by our principal, and is our main liaison with our principal. Questions? Our current President is Debbee Presas – get in touch!


    Our Executive Vice President is expected to “serve as the primary aide to the President,” which means a good working relationship is essential. S/he performs any of the duties of the President in the President’s absence. On our PTA, the person in this position is responsible for coordinating the fundraising plan for our organization – though everyone is all in on fundraising for our kids! Questions? Our current Executive Vice President is Naama Haviv – get in touch!


    The person in this role steps in if the President or Executive VP are unable to discharge their duties. On our PTA, our Vice President: Membership also serves as our Membership Chair, making sure we have an accurate list of our PTA members and working to grow and strengthen our membership base. Questions? Our current Vice President: Membership is Nancy Bataz – get in touch!


    Our treasurer is responsible for keeping our financial house in order! Specifically, the person in this position keeps an accurate accounting system and records of income, receipts, and expenses. The Treasurer also prepares the budget (for review by the full membership), provides a Treasurer’s Report for each monthly meeting, and is responsible for all our financial filings. Questions about this role? Our current Treasurer is Darin Anthony – get in touch!


    Our Secretaries – this year we’ve got two Co-Secretaries – are responsible for keeping an accurate record of all our meeting minutes, both full-membership and Executive Board meetings. The person/people in this position are authorized to sign checks (along with the President, Executive Vice President, and Treasurer), records all our expenditures in our meeting minutes, keeps a current list of all members (as provided by our Vice President: Membership), and keeps a copy of our current bylaws (as provided by our Parliamentarian), all in one place!  Questions? Our current Co-Secretaries are Jen Zamora and Carol Hoechst – get in touch!


    Our Historian is responsible for recording the activities, achievements, and volunteer hours of our PTA, and helps assemble this information for our PTA’s annual report. Questions? Our current Historian is Kim McDuffie – get in touch!


    Our Parliamentarian – an appointed, not elected, position – keeps all of us in line with our Bylaws. If ever you’re curious about all the various rules about how and why we do things a certain way, find our Parliamentarian! Our current Parliamentarian is Vania Alonso Godoy – get in touch!



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