Fundraise for Aldama

Our kids hustle every day: they work hard, they play hard, they learn hard. And to make that experience as powerful as possible, we need every last one of us to be there with them, cheering them on.

Ready to hustle for Aldama? Whether you’re donating your birthday or anniversary, or just raising support because you know our school is powered by the generosity of our community, we need you, and we’re so grateful!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up a fundraising page for Aldama by clicking the button above (or why not, right here works fine too!)

  2. Follow the instructions to set a goal and customize your fundraising page - make sure to include the reasons why Aldama is so important to you! Need help figuring out a goal? How about $140 - did you know that is how much all of Aldama PTA’s enrichment programs and community events cost, per kid per year?

  3. Email your fundraising link to your friends, family, and community, and share it out on social media, with a note about how important Aldama is to you and your kiddo(s)! Pro tip: the more personalized the message to your friends and family, the more successful you’ll be in meeting your goal! Consider individualized emails to your top 10 likely supporters (grandparents, siblings, close friends), and THEN send out a mass email.

BONUS POINTS: Your kid(s) can set up fundraising pages as well, or share yours - you can have one page per email address! It’s a great way for your kid(s) to show their school spirit and solidarity with the Aldama community. Feel free to work those cute kid pictures!

Any questions? Get in touch with Naama, she’ll walk you through the whole thing!