Due to and insufficient nominees for key positions, the Aldama PTA Board elections for the 2018-2019 school year have been pushed to Thursday, May 17th, at 6p in the auditorium. In order to run for a board position, you be a paid member and notify our nominating committee by March 19, 2018.


·       Set the tone and the vision for the PTA and the work of officers and committees.

·       Preside over meetings.

·       Coordinate with the Principal.

Executive Vice President:

·       The right hand to the President.

·       Prepared to jump in when they cannot perform their duties.

·       In charge of fundraising activities.

Vice President:

·       The left hand to the President and the right hand to the Executive Vice President.

·       In charge of membership. 


·       The guardian of our hard-earned funds.

·       In charge of accounts, records, and any monetary exchanges.


·       Notes, notes, and more notes!

·       In charge of keeping accurate record of proceedings. 


·       Keep record of activities, achievements, and volunteer hours.

·       And you get to take all those fun pictures!


·       In charge of procedure!