1.    Welcome/Introductions

Jana - President

Claire - 1 VP

Darin -  2 VP

Rebecca - Treasurer

Jenny - Secretary 1

Colleen - Secretary 2

Vicky Martinez - Parliamentarian


2.    Treasurers Report

All programs are voted on by board and members

45k in account

12 k total, 7500 needed still Coach, field trip

14,866.28 Library funds - talk about this more later

2799.31 total Garden Funds - garden committee part of PTA, their own fundraiser

242.05 Stem Funds

Field Trips: buses etc


26,967k general funds

1200 deficit

3.    Principal Corral report

STEM program: 

Caltech reach out NGS (next generation sciences) until 19/20 school year

FOSS kits are outdated, new standards

72 iPads, 32 Chromebooks grant - mobile app for program

$2100 for training


Local school leadership council

Bench mark advanced

New language arts program

3 days, teachers immersed in the program


Meeting with the teachers - Mr Trujillo is gone and Ms Vasquez

“Remove obstacles is my job, empower teachers”


4.    Presidents report


(flying classroom/access books/banner committee) $7000 train teachers, work with us as a pilot program

Library if we are chosen Hana booked for the first semester

1200 Banner sales, tax write-off

How to reach everyone

PTA schedule


5.    VP report -

Flyer with sites send her an email

Meetings once a month


VP report-membership

can’t vote on stuff unless you are member

$12 go to half goes to PTA councils, $4 goes to aldama, insurance

No proxies to vote


6.    Upcoming events:


B2SN Back to school night 8/29


Book Fair

Nicolas and Colin

Volunteer Drive

Raise Lots of money, kids love it

Classroom schedule


Spirit Wear

Approved as a school spirit wear

colors = promote college, k USC, 2nd is Princeton, 3rd Dartmouth, 4th Caltech, 5 is northwestern, there’s pink for breast cancer awareness, aldama colors etc

close 15th and 30th, 3 week turnaround

3-5 weeks

Dodger game blue shirt LIMITED EDITION

online and at B2SN

limited amount @ B2SN


Dodger tix

Sept 10th, emailed and we have an extension till Monday

$25 for tickets, $10 for shirts

whole section

donate tickets for other families: have a raffle


Fall fiesta 10/27

down in the lower yard

teachers create a game

parents need to volunteer


Garden Committee


Movie night

Grades older grades in the fall, younger grades in the spring

Need Volunteers!

Facebook group: Create awareness

Wrote a grant for 1200 haven’t heard back

Who is Brie? She’s the dedicated garden teacher, we pay her salary

Big space with outdoor classes

Nutrition, botany, and cooking (recipes)

Mondays and Fridays, once a week for a class



1. Start a Valentines dance! How do I do that? Debbee/Sari to do a family dance

2. Field Trips: the same process from last year

3. Grants: 

- tech, laptops 45000 in computer lab, 

4. Arts


- ETMLA program onsite teacher only music on staff teacher Vicky Lanier

Drama - Tuesday

5. Physical lists of teacher needs - Kim to create. 

Amazon wish lists for the school site - also encourage teachers to make their own sites through the school site

6. Encourage teachers to donor chose or crowd funding site

7. We need Parent Volunteers! Do it online through the school site, Aldama’s 2027 site location, call and ask Karina related to kids or mysis number also find out through LA’s best

can volunteer outside of school hours without the paperwork

PTA members are ok

8. Valet - need more parents!officer training

9. Change parking zone 311 to discourage the Auto Body to stop parking, or Gil Cedillo, or special ed classes for the busses

Meeting adjourned


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