Hey Parents - Here's What You Need to Know

Our teachers will likely be going on strike on Thursday, January 10th. While the PTA must remain officially neutral, we wanted you to have basic information on your options during the strike.
What’s happening?

UTLA teachers and members are currently expecting to strike as of January 10, though a last-minute dispute over paperwork filing dates may delay the strike until Monday, January 14. Special education teachers are expected to strike with all UTLA teachers, despite an LAUSD attempt to curtail their ability to do so. Although last-minute negotiations are continuing, reports are that a compromise before the strike deadline is unlikely. Read more here.

What should I do with my kids?

  • You may choose to keep your children out of school: Parents whose work and childcare schedules allow it, may keep children out of school during the strike. The thinking is that this will increase pressure on LAUSD to negotiate in good faith, as keeping children home will impact the District’s funding. Several community centers, including Highland Park and Lincoln Park Recreation Centers, will have free childcare options during strike days. They will accept all K-12 students from 8 am - 4 pm, with no child turned away. Lunch and snacks are included. You can register your child day-of. Please check LAParks.org for more information.

  • Send kids to school: Many parents are not position to keep your kids out of school. On strike days, your children will not have instructional time or be taught by their regular teachers. They will be combined with other classes in places like the auditorium, cafeteria, library, or playground.

Please note that picketing will be happening at Aldama during strike days, before school and after school.

Meals during the strike:

There are definitely options during the strike to ensure that your kids have access to the nutritious meals they need and deserve.

  • Meals at school: If you choose to send your kids to school, please note that school feeding programs will be ongoing for the duration of the strike. Aldama students will continue to have access to breakfast and lunch, and LA’s best will continue to provide a hot supper after school.

  • Meals at Recreation Centers: If you choose not to send your children to school, the Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) has designated 27 recreation centers to be on stand-by status to open during the strike (including Highland Park and Lincoln Heights). These rec centers will be open from 8:00 AM-4:00 pm and will provide a lunch, snack, and activities for school-aged children. Read more here.

Frequently Asked Questions about the 2019 Teachers Strike:

  • What is a strike? When employers and employees are unable to arrive at a compromise during contract negotiations, employees may stop working, or strike, as a means of protest.

  • Should students attend school if there is a strike? It’s really up to the parents. Some parents will take kids out of school and perhaps also join the picket line (7-9 am and 1:30-3pm, depending on the day’s school schedule). Others will send their kids to local community centers (like Highland Park Recreation Center or Lincoln Park, which are offering free childcare from 8 am-4 pm on strike days, you can find more information at LAParks.org). Others are choosing to keep their kid at home or take them to work with them. Some parents will also choose to send their children to school during the strike. School will be open, but there will be little to no instruction.

  • Will LAUSD after school programs continue? Yes. Programs provided by the LAUSD School District, like LA’s Best, will continue and students will be able to eat hot supper. Even if your child does not attend school, they can still get a hot supper and attend the after school program.

  • When will teachers picket? Teachers will be picketing at their schools from approximately 7-9 am and 1:30-3 pm, depending on the school schedule. Check with your school’s union steward, the teacher who is the union representative at your school - at Aldama, that’s Ms. Zerrien-Lee.

  • Will schools continue to serve meals? Yes. Food service will not change and each school will continue to provide regularly scheduled meals. Community Centers are also offering meals to children.

  • Will student learning take place during a strike? No, not necessarily.  They will not receive instruction. Children will not be taught by their regular teachers. They will be combined with other classes in places like the auditorium, cafeteria, library or playground.  

  • Is it safe to send my child to school? This is up to parents to decide. Students will be shown movies and problematic students may be challenging because there will be less certified supervision to manage behavioral problems. LAUSD is waiving the normal level of background checks for volunteers, though all volunteers will still be checked against the sex offender registry.