Your Pta board

Your PTA Board is so excited to serve for the 2018-2019 school year! We're a smaller group of parents who do some extra organizing in between our larger meetings. Interested in joining the board? Join the PTA first, and run in the next elections - we'd be so happy to have you! 

Here's who we are:


Debbee Presas, President

Debbee is a mom of twin girls in 4th grade. You'll want to ask her about spirit wear orders, volunteering for PTA-sponsored events, and any new ideas you've got - she'll tell you how to get it all done.

Nancy Bataz, Vice President: Membership

Nancy is a mom to two kids: one in third grade, and one awesome preschooler who will be at Aldama before we know it. Talk to her about joining the PTA and getting more involved, she'll tell you how excited we are to have you. Contact her at

naama Haviv, vice president: Fundraising

Naama's daughter is in fourth grade. Talk to her about event and fundraising thoughts, she is already super into your idea. 

Jennifer Zamora, Co-Secretary

Jennifer has one daughter in first grade, and one daughter in kinder. Talk to her if you want to find out what happened at the last PTA meeting, she's definitely got the details.

Carol Hoechst, Co-Secretary

Carol is a mom of a third grader. Talk to her about PTA meetings and what needs to be done next - she's got a job for you.

Darin Anthony, Treasurer

Darin has three kids, all at Aldama, in fourth, second, and TK. Talk to Darin about Aldama PTA's finances, and how to help out. 

Vania Alonso Gadoy, Parliamentarian

Vania is mom to two - one in kinder and one adorable future-Aldama student still in diapers. Talk to her about the PTA rules and bylaws. If she doesn't know, she'll find out. 

Kim McDuffie, Historian

Kim is mom to an amazing third grader. Talk to her about volunteering and school events - she also knows where anything and everything is in the school!